About Us


Improve patient care and quality of life by providing evidence-based, clinically relevant educational outcomes assessments for all continuing education.


Quantum Outcomes was founded by a team of seasoned, multidisciplinary professionals. We have more than 100 years of combined expertise in medical education, clinical design, and the use of cutting edge technology to assess multi-level educational effectiveness.

Quantum Solutions

Problem: Educational outcomes assessment is tacked on as an afterthought to the educational activity, and there is lack of clinical understanding when developing an assessment strategy.

1. Solution: Front-to-Back Strategy

We provide a clinically meaningful assessment strategy at the outset. This ensures that desired and measured educational outcomes are consistent throughout the intervention.

Problem: Many outcomes assessments only identify gaps and needs for future education without a focus on clinical impact.

2. Solution: Directional Intelligence

Through our assessments, we recommend solutions to overcome gaps and meet current and future educational needs. This includes gleaning insight into the potential clinical impact of continuing education, which may differ from the results of statistical analysis.

Problem: Current outcomes reporting can be difficult to understand or interpret.

3. Solution: Straightforward Reporting

Quantum Outcomes provides clear-cut reporting that is clinically meaningful, insightful, and easy to interpret by all stakeholders.